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Good Morning, to all my readers and viewers. I ate breakfast earlier at the hotel and is now at the airport waiting on a flight to Italy. The flight leaves 8:00 am. The plane I will be travelling on is Ryanair LTD airlines. The flight is 1 hr 15 minutes. I am on the plane and going to take a little nap...
Here I am Venice, Italy. The airport is Venice Marco polo international airport. The hotel I will be staying in is Hotel PalazzinaG. This hotel is very luxurious and has famous people attend it once in a while. It is 10:00 am here in Venice, Italy. I will be making sure that I get to see and achieve many things while I am here, since its my last trip. The first thing I will be doing is I will be enjouing a classic 30-minute Gandola ride. It will bring me along the Grand Canal and sight see Rialto bridge, and St.mark's square. Next I will go to a food tasting tour and here the many different stories of how local food stores got their business to become an attraction to tourists. This trip is a 2-hour attraction. From there I will go on Venice sightseeing tour with a tour guide. The tour guide stated many things including, "Don't waste a second getting lost amid bridges and crowds and instead explore with a guide to discover the highlights and history in minimal time. See the Rialto Bridge and gems, such as the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, where many Venetian doges were laid to rest." It was nice to see Venice from a different perspective and to learn about the people and the culture. The next attraction is I will be transported to Rome and visit the Colosseum. See the gladiators and the lion cages, etc. Towards the evening I will hop on the Rome bus tour and see Rome from a double Decker bus . Then the night will end in me enjoying a sunset cruise through the Grand canal with music and dinner. After that, I headed back to my hotel to cool off and just relax myself after this long world tour. I really enjoyed every one moment of it and will never forget the people I encountered, the food I ate and the places I went. I cant believe it is finally over. Lots of time and money was spent but I loved every second of it. Thank you for reading my blogs and see you guys soon.

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EspaƱa aqui venimos

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Ola amigos, my Spanish is always getting a little better as I learn how to speak it more. It is 7:00 am in London. Im in the uber heading down to Heathrow airport. My flight is an early flight at 8:45 am . I will be travelling on Norwegian Air International. The flight is a 2hr flight ride. I have just left London and on my way to Barcelona, Spain.
I have just arrived in London at 10:50 am. The airport is Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The hotel I will be staying in is NH Collection Barcelona Constanza. The hotel is 4 star hotel in the nice part of Barcelona. The airport shuttle taxi took me from the airport to my hotel. I had food on the flight, so this saves me time and allows me to head out early and go on my adventure. I heard that I should go on the Barcelona City Tour Hop-On Hop-Off. This bus ride was amazing as I get to explore Explore both the East and West route to admire the medieval charm of Las Ramblas and see the sandy stretch of Port Olimpic. I witnessed the architectural magnificence of Gaudi buildings and felt awe-inspired by the famous F.C. Barcelona football stadium. Then from there I got access to Skip-The-Line Early Entrance Tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid. The palace was huge and had over 2,800 rooms, that is incredible! Next I will see the Flamenco Show at Tablao Flamenco El Arenal in Seville. I heard from many tour guides, "Sink into a comfortable seat in a venue considered one of the best in the world and watch an electrifying performance that expertly demonstrates the flair and fire of Spanish flamenco." It is now night time in Spain and I am drained out. I went to get a massage from a masseuse and capped the day off with one of Spain's finest wine and desert. Tomorrow I will be catching a flight to Italy. I cant wait! Goodnight and I'll catch up with y'all in the morning.

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London, England


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Good morning ladies and gents. It is currently 10:30 am in Trinidad. I just finished eating breakfast. The hotel served a breakfast that included coconut fried bake with salt fish. Also included an omelet and trini roti. The breakfast was amazing and delicious. I headed back to my hotel room to get my luggage and head to the airport. The next place I will be going to is United Kingdom. The city that I will be staying in is London, England. I am on the plane to is United airlines, where I will transfer planes at Houston, USA and from there head to London, England (LHR) ... Im here in Lodon, the flight was 26h 25 minutes. The hotel that I will be staying at is Marlin Waterloo hotel. I arrived in the midnight and just woke up. I ate breakfast after I took a shower and got dressed. I will be visiting many places while my 1 day visit in London. First is the hop on bus tour drive throughout London. I will see many monuments, statues, parliament offices, and etc. That will be a two hour bus ride. The next attraction, I will be visiting the Tower of London. This tower is a monumental piece of London history. From there I will be going to the Thomas river boat cruise. The boat cruise allows watchers like myself to Weave through the heart of the city and past many of its most famous attractions on a Thames Cruise. It is currently now the afternoon, and my day isnt over yet. I have been granted the chance to tour Benjamin Franklin house and see how he lived and what went throughout his house. Next I will end my day shopping in the high end expensive places of London, this is called Bicester Village shopping express. London is a beautiful place that has many cultures that are united. The food in London is just almost like the Canadian foods. I am heading back to the hotel right now and will leave tomorrow night to catch my flight to Spain. I love my Spanish culture, especially since my background is Hispanic and Spanish. Well im off to go eat dinner and relax in my hotel room to watch some TV. See you guys later.

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Trinidad and Tobago

Festival time

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Good Morning guys, it is 9:00 am in Cordoba and i have to get ready to catch a flight for 11:00 am to Trinidad and Tobago. The plane that I will be going on to Trinidad and Tobago is copa airlines and american airlines. I will have to leave Cordoba and take a plane to Miami. From Miami I will take American airlines to Trinidad and Tobago. The name of the airport in Trinidad and Tobago is Piarco International airport. I am currently at Cordoba International airport and on the plane... Finally after a long 30 hr 45 minutes plane, I am finally in Trinidad and Tobago. The hotel that I will be staying in is Hyatt Regency Hotel Trinidad. The hotel comes with pool, bar, restaurant, spacious rooms, and lots more. I arrived last night, and now its 9:30 am. The first thing I will be doing while I'm here will take up my whole day. This trip is called Rainforest hike to Avocat Waterfall. This trip will allow me to walk along the notrh strip of Trinidad, past gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, animals, and lots more. They will provide a picnic lunch on the waterfalls before heading back on to trip. The instructors told us, "Continue to the peaceful Las Cuevas Bay, and keep driving to reach the trailhead on your way to the waterfall. Hike through the rainforest and along a flat riverbed before you arrive at the 100-foot (30-metre) Avocat falls, a sight so beautiful it might as well have been plucked from your dreams. Swim in the large pools around the falls and enjoy yourself before eating a picnic lunch."
The trip has finally come to a complete end. I enjoyed myself and interacted with a lot of new people and loved it. I am back at the hotel, now i will cool off with drinks and fun time at the pool. I have a flight to catch at 1:00 pm. I will post another blog tomorrow. Bye guys and have a wonderful night!

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Life only gets better!

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It is currently now the morning in Brazil. The next country that I will be visiting is Argentina. I am on my way to Sao Paulo airport in Brazil. The hotel provided airport shuttle buses to take people to the airport. I will be going on the 10:30 am flight and arrive in Argentina at 7:35 pm in the evening. The total duration of the flight is 9 hours 5 minutes. I am heading on to the plane right now, barely got an rest but that is not going to stop me from going on to explore the rest of the world. I am going to take a nice nap right now on this plane... Just woke up on this long flight. I currently just arrived in Argentina. The city that I will be staying in is Cordoba in Argentina. The hotel I will be staying at is Caseros 248 hotel. I am now heading to my hotel to get some sleep and get up early to start my day.
Good Morning, it is currently 8:15 am in Cordoba, Argentina and I am going to eat breakfast down to the hotel and get ready for my first stop. The hotel breakfast was amazing and the first stop I will be going to in Argentina is Half day alta Gracia sightseeing tour. This trip consists of me getting picked up from my hotel and touring monumental significance's of events that occurred, famous married couples, plane crashes, and lots more. This tour will take up to four hours of my day. The tour is finally done and the time is now 3:00 pm. The next place I will go while being in Argentina is I will head to Buenos Aires in Argentina and go on the zoo tour. I love seeing animals, so this tour was a must for me. I had fun feeding the giraffes, monkeys, alligators, and many other animals. Now that it has got dark here in Argentina I will be going to visit for Wine tasting here in Buenos Aires. Argentina relies on wine producers to help boost their economy. There was more than 100 different types of wine, some of them were strong and bitter but at most they were all good. I have not eaten that much so, I will be heading back to the hotel to get dinner. That dinner was amazing, I would defiently recommend this hotel to others. the staff, the food, the spacious rooms, are great for a comfort feeling. Tomorrow I will be leaving Cordoba and heading to is Trinidad and Tobago. I love the different cultures that each country provides, you never feel unwelcome but always feel welcomed. Thanks Argentina, on to the next one. Goodnight folks!

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